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Retorik Israel Terbaru Israel

Perdana Menteri Israel yang bakal meletak jawatan atas dakwaan merasuah, Ehud Olmert menegaskankan perlunya Rejim berundur dari Tanah Palestin dalam usaha mencapai perdamaian dengan Palestin. Sebelum ini Olmert berulang kali dengan angkuhnya meneruskan perluasan kuasa rejim tanpa menghirau langsung isu Pelan Damai. Canselor Jerman, Angela Merkel pernah mengunjungi Tel Aviv & menggesa rejim berundur sebagai usaha ampuh kearah perdamaian. Dalam sidang media yang sama Olmert menegaskan usaha rejim adalah semata-mata kerana negara Israel & rakyatnya. Jelas dilihat polemik terbaru Olmert ini menyerupai mana-mana Presiden Amerika dalam membincangkan masalah Israel -Palestin; memulakan usaha apabila legasi pemerintahan mereka berakhir. Di era Bush, Rundingan Annapolis diadakan diakhir tahun Bush memerintah. Lama sebelum ini, Yitzak Rabin menandatangani Perjanjian Oslo yang menyatakan rejim akan menyerahkan kembali Tanah Palestin yang diduduki. Akhirnya Rabin mati ditembak. Ikuti berita seterusnya dari Aljazeera

Olmert Advocates Israeli Pullouts Olmert stepped down on September 21 amid corruption allegations [AFP]
Ehud Olmert, Israel's outgoing prime minister, has said that Israel will have to leave much of east Jerusalem and allow Palestinians to form a state equal in size to the area of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.In an interview with the Yediot Ahronot newspaper, published on Monday, Olmert also said that peace with Syria would require withdrawal from the Golan Heights.
"[I am saying] what no previous Israeli leader has ever said: we should withdraw from almost all of the territories, including in East Jerusalem and in the Golan Heights," he was quoted as saying.Olmert resigned on September 21 amid corruption allegations and will officially step down once a new government has been formed.
Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, agreed at a meeting in the United States last November to push for a comprehensive peace deal before the end of the year.Yediot Ahronot noted that the remarks in its "legacy interview" go further than any the prime minister made before he effectively became a lame duck in September."I am not trying to justify retroactively what I did for 35 years. For a large portion of these years, I was unwilling to look at reality in all its depth," Olmert said."A decision has to be made. This decision is difficult, terrible, a decision that contradicts our natural instincts, our innermost desires, our collective memories, the prayers of the Jewish people for 2,000 years."Stalled talksPeace talks between the two sides have stalled over the borders of a future Palestinian state, the future status of Jerusalem and the right to return of Palestinian refugees.The construction of new Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem, which Palestinians see as the capital of a future state, have also proved to be a major obstacle.
"I'd like see if there is one serious person in the State of Israel who believes it is possible to make peace with the Syrians without eventually giving up the Golan Heights"
Ehud Olmert, Israeli prime ministerAccording to Western and Palestinian officials, Olmert has previously proposed an Israeli withdrawal from some 93 per cent of the occupied West Bank. Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip in 2005.
In exchange for settlement enclaves, Olmert has suggested handing over a desert territory adjacent to the Gaza Strip, as well as land on which to build a transit corridor between Gaza and the West Bank."We will leave a percentage of these territories in our hands, but will have to give the Palestinians a similar percentage, because without that there will be no peace," Olmert said in Tuesday's interview.Olmert has previously argued that the issue of Jerusalem be considered at a later date because the difficulties in reaching an agreement.But on Tuesday he said that giving up parts of the city was critical to securing Israel's security."Whoever wants to hold on to all of the city's territory will have to bring 270,000 Arabs inside the fences of sovereign Israel. It won't work," he said.Concrete offerSaeb Erakat, a senior adviser to Abbas, said Israel must "translate these statements into reality" if it is serious about wanting to achieve a peace deal. "We haven't seen these statements translated into a piece of paper, into a concrete offer," he told the AFP news agency, stressing that "the road to peace is through ending the occupation and [Israeli] settlements in the West Bank".During his time in office, Olmert reopened indirect negotiations, through Turkey, with Syria after an eight-year freeze.
"I'd like see if there is one serious person in the State of Israel who believes it is possible to make peace with the Syrians without eventually giving up the Golan Heights," he said in the interview.Israel annexed the territory in 1981, a move never recognised by the world community. More than 18,000 Syrians, mostly Druze, are left from the Golan's original population of 150,000 people. The region now is home to nearly 20,000 Jewish settlers.

Masalah Kewangan Merebak ke UK

Masalah kewangan yang ditunjang krisis subprima mula menunjukkan kesan diEngland. Kerajaan mengumumkan untuk mengambil alih Bradford and Bingley, pemain hartanah & bank ke-9 terbesar di UK. Sejumlah $44bn (£24bn) simpanan kerajaan & 200 cawangan akan dijual & $92bn (£50bn) pinjaman dalam rundingan untuk dimilik negarakan. Berita lanjut dari Aljazeera

UK 'to Nationalise' Mortgage Lender
Bradford and Bingley announced the cutting of 370 jobs last week [AFP]
The UK government is reported to be preparing to nationalise Bradford and Bingley, the country's ninth-biggest mortgage provider.
Britain's Treasury was conducting talks on Sunday aimed at rescuing the bank and said Alistar Darling, the finance minister, said he would make a statement before stock markets begin trading a day later.
The bank's $44bn (£24bn) savings business and 200 branches could be sold off and $92bn (£50bn) of loans nationalised under plans being discussed, the BBC reported.
The Treasury had preferred a buyout from the private sector but no buyers were forthcoming due to the ongoing global economic crisis and slowing UK housing market, it reported.
Yvette Cooper, the treasury minister, said: "We are very clear that depositors and ordinary savers must be properly protected and they will be as part of the arrangements we will set out."
Negotiations ongoing
Cooper said that negotiations, between the Treasury, the Financial Services Authority industry watchdog and the Bank of England, were continuing and that Whitehall was aiming to ensure the financial stability of the banking system.
Tony McGarahan, a Bradford and Bingley spokesman, said: "We can assure customers that their deposits are safe with Bradford and Bingley."
Bradford and Bingley's shares have collapsed amid a property market downturn and falling markets engendered by mortgages given to insecure debtors in the US.
Fears were also raised that Bradford and Bingley could become another Northern Rock, the first UK bank to be nationalised after the funding crisis in February linked to the US home loans turmoil.
The BBC reported that Bradford and Bingley's mortgage book could be merged with Northern Rock.
The Treasury said that Barclays, the British bank, Spain's Santander and the worldwide HSBC were potential buyers of the bank's branches.
Bradford and Bingley specialises in mortgages for investors buying homes in order to rent them out.
The government negotiated the takeover of HBOS, the UK's largest home lender, by rival Lloyds TSB earlier this month.
Bradford & Bingley had announced on Thursday that 370 employees would lose their jobs in a bid to save $28m (£15m).
In August, the bank revealed net losses of $32m (£17m) for the first half of 2008, attributing them to "turbulence in the banking and housing sectors."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Six powers agree on Iran resolution

Hai Cik Condo... Jaga negara awak yang da nak muflis kan lagi baik. Jangan sibuk-sibuk lagi negara orang. Resolusi terbaru ini tidak pula mengenakan sekatan pusingan keempat keatas Iran. 6 negara tersebut ialah China, Russia, UK, USA, Prancis, & German. Presiden Mahmoud Ahamenijad menegaskan pengayaan uranium ini bertujuan menjana kuasa elektrik. Milibant, Setiausaha Negara UK berkata cadangan ini sudah dihantar kepada 15 negara anggota Majlis Keselamatan dan akan dibahas tak berapa lama lagi. Dia juga mendakwa US Nuclear Watchdog tidak mendapat kerjasama Tehran dalam menyiasat program nuklear Iran. Berita asal Aljazeera

Six powers agree on Iran resolution

Rice said the agreement aimed to show unity not against Iran, but for Russia [AFP]
Six world powers have agreed on a draft resolution on Iran's nuclear programme, which did not include new sanctions, in line with Russia's insistence, senior US and European officials have said.
David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary, told reporters that the six powers had agreed to submit the draft text to the 15-nation UN Security Council for discussions on Friday.
A vote could come on Saturday.
According to a text seen by Reuters news agency, the 10-line draft resolution would call on Iran to "fully comply, without delay" with previous council resolutions, which demand that it halt enriching uranium.
It also urges Iran to meet the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) board of governors.
Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, said the resolution aimed, not to impose new sanctions against Tehran, but rather to show unity after disagreements with Russia over its invasion of Georgia.
"It's also especially important that the Iranians recognise that the P5 plus one process is intact," Rice told Reuters in an interview, referring to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the UK, China, France, Russia and the United States - plus Germany.
The P5 plus one powers are seeking to persuade Iran to halt its suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon.
The United States and Europeans had wanted a fourth round of sanctions on Iran, which refuses to halt nuclear enrichment work.
China and Russia oppose further sanctions.
Miliband said the text "reaffirms existing resolutions that are on the UN books."
Although the draft resolution has no new penalties, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German foreign minister, told reporters that the text "does not rule them out either".
Integral player
The meeting on Iran was originally scheduled for Thursday, but it was postponed after Russia withdrew to protest US criticism of its invasion of Georgia.
Rice told the Security Council she wanted to take up threats made by Ahmadinejad [AFP]Russian diplomats said Moscow was letting the West know it could not be sidelined on issues like Iran where it is a key player.
Separately, Rice told the Security Council that she wants it to take up threats against Israel made by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president.
Rice said his comments that the Jewish state "should be wiped from the face of the map, should be destroyed and should not exist" were unacceptable.
Tehran insists its nuclear programme aims to produce electricity and refuses to halt its enrichment programme. In a defiant speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Ahmadinejad vowed to resist US "bullying".
Miliband said the UN nuclear watchdog had failed to get sufficient co-operation from Tehran in its investigation of allegations that Iran conducted research on an atomic weapon.
In June, the six powers gave Iran a beefed-up offer of political and economic incentives, including nuclear reactors, in exchange for a suspension of its enrichment programme.
Tehran says enrichment is a sovereign right it will never renounce.
Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said on Friday it was not the time to consider any new sanctions on Iran.

We "continue to believe that it is not timely to consider at the ministerial or at any other level this proposal of new sanctions," Lavrov told a news conference at the United Nations.

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Rajawali Terbang Tinggi 3

Saya susun instrumen lain berdasarkan skop

· Air-to-air fire control system
Search and track radar
IRST and laser rangefinder
Optical search and track station
Helmet-mounted target designator
Wide-angle Head Display HUD – buatan THALES, Perancis 18º X 24º dengan 2X zoom.
IFF system interrogator
· Air-to-surface fire control system
Coloured multi-purpose LCD indicators
Onboard digital computer
GPS satellite-based navigation system
Weapons control system

Aeroplane remote control system

IFF system transponder
Keterangan operasi / fungsi Helmet Mounted Display
Antenna feed system

Flight navigation system
· Digital computer
· Navigation FLIR (NAVFLIR) – membolehkan
· juruterbang / Operator Senjata (WSO) membuat tembakan udara – permukaan tanpa menggunakan misil tidak terpandu (non guided missile)
Infra Red Search / Track & Rangefindermembolehkan juruterbang / Operator Senjata (WSO) mengesan misil udara – udara dan permukaan – udara
· Attitude and heading reference system
· Short-range radiotechnical navigation system
· GPS system
· Autopilot system
· Altitude and speed data processing and display system
· Air data system

Electronic countermeasure equipment
· Radar warning receiver with an expansion block
· Chaff and heat flare dispenser – system ini berfungsi seperti bunga api bertujuan mengelirukan musuh. 98 biji disediakan dan dilancarkan oleh system peperangan elektronik (EW). Chaff and heat flare ini boleh mencegah penyesakan (jamming) radar.
Radio jamming transmitter (in pod) – system penyesak atau penggangu isyarat komunikasi musuh.

Communications system
· 2 VHF and UHF band communications transceiver
· SW band radio communications transceiver
TKS-2/R-098 (Tipovyi Kompleks Svyazi) Intra Flight Data Link (IFDL) – system komunikasi untuk serangan berkumpulan. 4 pesawat dengan 1 ketua. Keupayaan menggabungkan komunikasi 16 pesawat. Maklumat antara pesawat juga boleh dikongsi terus dengan selamat.

Onboard automatic control system
· Integrated onboard control and crew warning system
· Flight information recording equipment
Kebolehan menyerang beberapa
sasaran sekaligus

Onboard emergency situation warning equipment

Video recording system
· Onboard video recorder
· Forward vision video camera
· Video controller

Aircraft responder

Telecommand homing system

Pod-type IRST and laser rangefinder (Pencari & penjejak infra merah)

Air-Surface Mode
Air-Air Mode


· MFD – HUD dan MFD bewarna dan kokpit dilengkapi dengan sistem pandang malam
· Hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS) – pengawalan maksimum pada peringkat kritikal semasa kombat


Dalam bab radar saya telah menyatakan radar N011 direka untuk menyokong sistem peluru berpandu. Radar ini sebenarnya berfungsi megimbas permukaan dan telah
diupgrade supaya mampu menyokong sistem persenjataan tanpa menjejaskan satu sama lain. Saya perjelaskan lagi fungsi radar
· Mengimbas permukaan (mapping terrain)
· Mengesan sasaran dengan jelas (without distortion)
· Melancar serangan serentak dengan misil aktif fadar dan misil separa aktif radar
SU 30 MKM mempunyai 12 point senjata. Saya sediakan jadual persenjataan yang boleh dimuatkan. Kekuatan senjata SU 30 MKM bergantung pada iventori TUDM yang diperolehi. Misil – misil Rusia mula diperoleh Iventori TUDM untuk kegunaan MiG.

Guns - Onboard 30mm gun with 150 rds
Guided air-to-air missiles - R-27R1(ER1) R-27T1(ET1) R-27P(EP) R-73E RVV-AYe
Guided air-to-surface missiles - Kh-59ME, Kh-31A, Kh-31P, Kh-29T(TYe), Kh-29L
Guided bomb units - KAB-500KR, KAB-500OD KAB-1500KR, KAB-1500L
Air bombs - FAB-500T BETAB-500ShP ODAB-500PM OFAB-250-270 OFAB-100-120 P-50T Incendiary bombs - Cluster bombs (bom berangkai) - RBK-500 SPBE-D
Unguided missiles - S-8KOM, S-8OM, S-8BM S-13T, S-13OF S-25OFM-PU

Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Sila rujuk rajah untuk mengetahui fizikal misil.
Disediakan sekali jadual setara misil buatan Rusia / China dengan misil buatan NATO / EU. Dapatlah kita mengenali Adam dan Hawa dengan lebih dekat.


Pak Lah setuju Eurocopter gantikan Nuri

Semalam Pak Lah setuju Eurocoter dilantik syarikat pembekal helikopter baru menggantikan Nuri. Nuri menjadi spekulasi kerana usianya & kejadian beberapa kemalangan sebeum ini. Apakah wajar usia Nuri dijadikan sebab utama penggantian ini? Saya akan mengulas jika berkesempatan kelak. Selamat membaca. Berita asal dari Business Times.

Eurocopter awarded tender to replace Nuri

Published: 2008/09/27

THE Defence Ministry has agreed to acquire new helicopters from European helicopter manufacturers, Eurocopter, to replace the Nuri, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced yesterday. He said the ministry was now scrutinising the clauses in the agreement before signing it officially with the company concerned.“I have been told that the Defence Ministry has identified Eurocopter as the replacement for Nuri. “The Defence Ministry had received many applications from international aircraft manufacturers and suppliers,” Abdullah, who is also the Defence Minister, told reporters after attending a special briefing at Wisma Pertahanan, Jalan Padang Tembak, Kuala Lumpur.
On Sept 17, Abdullah handed over the post of Finance Minister to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and took over the Defence Ministry. Abdullah had once held the Defence Minister’s post from 1986 to 1987 - Bernama

Adakah Russia akan memulakan perang dunia ke-3?

Persamaan perang dunia pertama dengan perkembangan mukhtahir; Russia mengundurkan tentera dari Georgia boleh mencetuskan perang dunia ke-3. Ini tidak mustahil kerana bergantung kepada sikap kedua2 negara. Nampaknya Amerika yang dibelenggu resessi ekonomi & masalah kewangan mula melabuhkan kapal perangnya di Georgia. Dah nak muflis nak perang jugak ke? NATO juga sedia menghimpit Rusia "jika perlu". Selamat membaca. Berita asal dari Asia Times Online.

Let's talk about World War IIIBy Nikolai Sokov It is time to seriously contemplate World War III. The most important elements are already in place. Just as so many experts on the Caucasus have predicted, the region has become a power keg and the main source of great-power rivalry. Obviously, disagreements between great powers go far beyond this region and, in fact, conflicts and war in the Caucasus are rather insignificant in their grand games and calculations. Yet the United States, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and Russia all have important symbolic stakes there - there are promises to local players and fears that abandoning them might hurt reputation and global standing. Paradoxically, the chances of a major, global armed conflict have increased since the probability of a large-scale nuclear war has declined to zero, in all practical terms. No one fears that the world will be annihilated, and thus the world is now deemed reasonably safe for a conventional war. Let us try to imagine how World War III might start. World War I started with the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz-Ferdinand by Serbs in Sarajevo. The act was senseless - Franz Ferdinand was widely believed to be the more sensible and moderate member of the Austrian imperial family. Russia - the ally and patron of Serbia at the time - certainly did not authorize it, although there are rumors that some Russian diplomats and intelligence officers knew about the plans. Yet Russia felt compelled to intervene on the side of Serbia when Austria - predictably - responded with all its military might: just a few years earlier Russia had abandoned Serbia to the mercy of Vienna, and doing this a second time was deemed untenable. This is, in a nutshell, how World War I unfolded. Let us move to the South Caucasus now. There is talk in Washington and Brussels that, following what is classified as Russian aggression, Georgia will soon receive a Membership Action Plan (MAP) for joining NATO. The prospects of membership are quite uncertain, however, because some members of NATO (aptly classified by Donald Rumsfeld as "Old Europe") are not enthusiastic. Yet in the United States the idea about "defending Georgia" is very popular, thanks to a large extent to the preidential election campaign in which candidates have been able to use the war in Georgia to their advantage. In fact, Georgia does not have to become a member of NATO - a long process fraught with many impediments. It is much easier to simply deploy two or three battalions of US troops in Georgian territory to convert it into a new version of West Germany during the Cold War. Fifty years ago US troops in West Germany served as hostages: American deaths as a result of a Soviet attack would have inevitably drawn the United States into a shooting war with the Soviets. This was one of the more brilliant schemes. We do not know whether it actually worked because we do not know whether the Soviet Union actually planned to attack, but the logic seems sound. The advantage of unilateral American guarantees of this sort is that the decision can be made quickly, it will score major political points, and avoid the inevitable squabbles of alliance politics. Now, the truly wild card in the game of defending Georgia is whether the Georgian leadership - in the near future this means Mikheil Saakashvili - will be prepared to play as part of a team. One irrefutable fact about what the Russians now call the "five-day war" is that for years the United States very clearly and forcefully warned Georgia to avoid direct conflict with Russia. Yet, Saakashvili and his team went to war, and when they realized they were losing they asked Washington to interfere militarily. This truly casts doubts about whether the same people will care about the US's interests when they obtain "automatic" security guarantees. Now imagine the repetition of exactly the same scenario a year from now. With troops in Georgia, the US government will not be able to stay away or back down. Whatever actually provokes hostilities, the US's pro-Georgian and anti-Russian version will prevail. This means America will be at war. The Russians cannot back down either, and their pretext will be the exact opposite of Tbilisi's and Washington's. They will be at war as well. Obviously, Russian troops can overwhelm the Georgian military, but they do not stand a chance against the United States. Active military doctrine has an answer to that - limited Russian use of nuclear weapons against the military bases from which Americans mount attacks and against command and control centers. We are talking about an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean and perhaps a few US bases in Europe. Welcome to World War III - mostly conventional and spiced with a few nuclear mushrooms here and there. The truly fascinating aspect of this gloomy scenario is that the two leading emerging economic and political powers of the world, China and India, are completely outside the game. For them, there are no interests and no stakes, whether real or imaginary, in a US-Russian war over the South Caucasus. This is cause for hope. If we can safely live through the transition period as economic and eventually political power shifts from traditional capitals toward Asia, we might avoid a direct clash between major powers and nuclear weapons use. The way economic trends run these days, we only need to be lucky for a few years.

Dr Nikolai Sokov is senior research associate at James Martin Center for Non-proliferation Studies at Monterey Institute of International Studies. He is an expert on post-Soviet security politics.

(Copyright 2008 Asia Times Online (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reserved. Please contact us about sales, syndication and republishing.)

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Toyota to built hybrid at Thailand & Australia

Proton complete it's prototype electric car jv with Lotus - Detroit Electric on august. The car can accelerated maximum 80km/h. The Li-Ion power was drove by Pak Lah around Putrajaya for test drive. Original news from Business Times

Toyota to build Camry hybrids in Thailand, Australia

Published: 2008/06/11

NAGOYA: Toyota Motor Corp will start assembling its Camry hybrid cars in Thailand and Australia over the next two years in its latest effort to popularise such fuel-efficient vehicles.Toyota, the world’s biggest automaker and a pioneer of gasoline-electric hybrid cars, said yesterday it will begin production at its Gateway plant in the Thai province of Chachoengsao, 110km southeast of Bangkok, in 2009.It aims to produce 9,000 vehicles per year at the plant.At its Australian factory, it plans a production start in early 2010 and aims to produce and sell 10,000 a year.
With fuel prices hitting record highs around the world, automakers are racing to offer fuel-efficient alternatives such as pure electric and ethanol-fuelled cars. To reach its target of selling 1 million hybrid cars a year in the early part of the next decade, Toyota will need to more than double production of the vehicles.“We decided to build the Camry hybrid in Australia because Australians are keenly aware of environmental issues including global warming,” Toyota president Katsuaki Watanabe told a news conference in Nagoya, central Japan, attended by visiting Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.Rudd, whose government has allocated A$500 million towards the Green Car Innovation Fund to encourage development of low-emissions vehicles, said Toyota would get A$35 million in grants for Camry hybrid production.Australia had been looking to host production of hybrid cars for about a year to ease the pressure of rising fuel costs and global warming, he said.Toyota will assemble the Camry hybrid with imported hybrid modules at its 150,000 vehicles-a-year Altona factory in the suburbs of Melbourne. The plant, which builds the Camry sedan and the Aurion sister model, produced 149,000 vehicles last year, two-thirds of which were exported to the Middle East. - Reuters

Misi Angkasa China

3 angkasawan China berlepas keangkasa dalam misi mereka. China ialah negara ke3 dapat melancarkan misi angkasanya bersendirian selepas Amerika & Rusia.
misi ini mencetuskan bermacam spekulasi antaranya polemik Komunis China yang ingin menonjolkan kekuatan mereka disamping ekonomi & sains. Selepas kejayaan menganjurkan Sukan Olimpik misi ini melonjakkan lagi China. Ada juga yang menyangka ini untuk menutup krisis susu tercemar dengan melamine yang merosakkan imej Naga.
Selamat membaca.

China astronauts set for spacewalk

The Shenzhou VII mission is China's most ambitious so far [AFP]
Astronauts on board China's Shenzhou VII spacecraft have successfully reached their final orbit and are preparing to perform the country's first ever spacewalk, expected to take place on Saturday, mission controllers say.
China's third manned space mission blasted off on Thursday evening on its most ambitious venture yet.
The launch, part of a programme that China's government hopes will see Chinese astronauts landing on the moon as early as 2020, was watched by millions live on national television.
As of early Friday Beijing time, mission controllers said the spacecraft was circling at an altitude of 343km above the Earth, orbiting every 90 minutes.
On board are three astronauts, a range of experiments, a specially-developed space menu and a new luxury for China's space programme – the country's first space toilet.
Astronauts on board the country's two previous manned missions – one of which lasted for almost a week – had to rely on wearing adult diapers.
Risky walk
Mission controllers are being aided by Russian experts [AFP]The focal point of the mission though is China's first spacewalk – a risky venture, but an important step for the planned next stages of the space programme: the construction of a space station.
The prime candidate for carrying out the walk – known formally as an Extravehicular Activity (EVA) – is Zhai Zhigang, a 42-year-old colonel in the Chinese air force.
Mission controllers say it will take upwards of 15 hours preparation before astronauts are given the go-ahead to open the airlock allowing Zhai to venture outside.
During the EVA only a few layers of multi-million dollar spacesuit will be protecting Zhai from the deadly vacuum of space as he travels at more than seven kilometres a second around the Earth.
"Spacewalking is very dangerous, even for experienced nations like Russia and the United States," Morris Jones, an Australia-based space analyst who has closely followed China's space programme, told Al Jazeera.
"They don't do it very often and when they do it they're always very careful when they leave the spacecraft," he said.
"China has never done one before and they've also never tested their spacesuit in outer space before so when they leave the spaceship, it's going to be a very dangerous task, but I do believe they will succeed in doing it safely."
Zhai Zhigang, centre, will undertake China's first spacewalk [Reuters]A team of Russian experts is at Chinese mission control to give assistance and advice on the spacewalk.
The three-day mission is being touted by China's government as another demonstration of the country's technological prowess.
Analysts say it is also hoping the launch will capitalise on the success and publicity garnered during Beijing's recent hosting of the Olympic games.
In a commentary praising the launch on Friday, the official ruling Communist party People's Daily newspaper said that with the latest space mission "the eyes of the world are once again on China".
"Manned space travel is a distilled demonstration of the world's current level of high-tech development, and it is an important indicator of a country's overall strength," it said.
China launched its first man into space in October 2003, making it only the third country - after the US and Russia - capable of independently launching humans into space.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


  • Bahagian 2


    Saya sediakan jadual demensi dan spesifikasi seperti yang di berikan oleh sukhoi.org. sistem avionik tidak saya paparkan disini tetapi diletak di bawah tajuk AVIONIK, SISTEM RADAR, EW, NAVIGASI & KOMUNIKASI

    Takeoff weight: - normal (including rockets 2xR-27R1 + 2xR-73E, 5270 kg fuel), kg 24,900* - Maximum landing weight, (kg) : 23,600
    Max landing weight, (kg) : 30,000
    Maximum internal fuel, (kg) : 9,640
    Normal internal fuel, (kg) : 5,270
    Maximum ordnance, (kg) : 8,000
    Service ceiling (without external ordnance and stores), (km) : 17.3
    Maximum flight speed at sea level (without external ordnance and stores), km/h : 1,350
    Max Mach (without external ordnance and stores) : 2.00 (1.9**)
    G-limit (operational) : 9
    Maximum flight range (with rockets 2xR-27R1, 2xR-73E launched at half distance):
    - at sea level, (km) : 1,270
    - at height, (km) : 3,000
    - with one refuelling (at 1.500 kg fuel remaining), (km) : 5,200
    - with two refuellings in flight, (km) : 8,000
    Maximum airborne time (pilot-dependent), (hours) : 10
    Takeoff run at normal takeoff weight, (m) : 550
    Landing run at normal landing weight (with braking parachute), (m) : 750
    Aeroplane dimensions:
    - length, (m) : 21.9
    - wingspan, (m) : 14.7
    - height, (m) :6.4
    Number and type of engines
    2 x Saturn AL-31FP Thrust in afterburner, kgf 12,500 -2 %
    Aircraft limit:
    - SLL, (hours) : 3,000
    - to first overhaul, (hours) : 1,500
    - service life, (years) : 25
    Engine and outboard accessory-gearbox life:
    - to first overhaul, (hours) : 500
    - service life limit, (hours) : 1,500

    * bergantung kepada kehendak pelanggan. Umumnya, semua jenis persenjataan Rusia boleh dimuatkan cuma rujuk inventori TUDM yang mana boleh diperolehi.
    **With canard surfaces installed


    Enjin Saturn AL-31FP
    Asalnya rekaan enjin ini bermula darii pembikinan pesawat MiG. Enjin ini buatan NPO Lyulka-Saturn dan MMPP Salyut setelah membuat upgrade TVC (Thrust Vector Control) yang tidak dimiliki MKI. Salyut menerangkan 3 fasa mengupgrde AL-31FP. Fasa 1 ialah kerja – kerja menambah kuasa tujahan dalam keadaan kering dan basah. Fasa 2 ialah kerja – kerja mengaplikasikan sistem penyejuk (cooling system) rekaan terbaru untuk turbin. Fasa 3 melihatkan tambahan 3 stage blisk technology KND-924-3 yang melonjakkan purata tekanan. Enjin ini menggunakan kawalan Fly By Wire.
    Salyut dan Klimov juga sedang berusaha menyiapkan rekaan nozzle TVC generasi kedua. Enjin Saturn AL-41FP juga sedang memasuki proses pembinaan dan dimuatkan dalam SU 32.


    Potensi pembangunan SU 30 MK. Terima kasih http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Flanker.html

    Oleh kerana instrumen – instrumen ini dalam bahasa Inggeris, lebih baik ia dikekalkan tetapi keterangan dalam Bahasa Malaysia

    NIIP N011M BARS phased array radar keupayaan tinggi dihasilkan oleh NIIP; direka untuk menyokong peluru berpandu aktif keluarga R-77M dan peluru berpandu separa aktif keluarga R-27. radar ini berkebolehan
    · Pengimejan tektikal hemisfera ketika mengesan permukaan darat dan laut ketika penerbangan.
    · Menegsan dan membuat beberapa tembakan sekaligus. Ketika mode udara – udara, ia dapat mengesan 15 sasaran dan menembak 4 sasaran sekaligus. Dalam mode udara – permukaan, ia dapat mengesan 8 sasaran dan menembak 2 sasaran sekaligus.

    Prosessor yang dimuatkan untuk SU 30 MKM ialah samada 1 atau 2 GHz. Dengan perkembangan memory yang berkembang pesat, kebolehan radar ini boleh ditingkatkan lagi. Bahkan SU 35 yang dimuatkan memory 4 GHz memiliki keupayaan 2 kali ganda SU 30 MKM. Rujuk rajah. Dengan keupayaan radar ini, ia dapat mengesan pesawat yang memiliki ‘stealth’ yang baik.

    SU 30 MKM juga dilengkapi dengan N012 tail warning radar. Keseluruhannya, MKM delengkapi 9 sensor anti radar yang dipasang diseluruh badannya.
    keupayaan radar dan zon efektif misil. Teruskan bacaan untuk mengenali misil


    Bahagian 1

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Oleh : Abdul Azim bin Abdul Manaf
Bahagian 1

Perolehan pesawat tempur pelbagai guna (multi-role fighter) baru, SU 30 MKM menjadi bualan hangat kebelakangan ini. Masyarakat berbagai latarbelakang profesion mula mengambil endah hal ini. Jarang sekali isu-isu pertahanan menjadi topik utama perbualan harian masyarakat Malaysia. Dengan tulisan ringkas ini, kupasan mengenai SU 30 MKM akan di bincangkan setelah merujuk dan mengolah beberapa sumber tempatan dan antarabangsa.


Nama pesawat ini ialah sukhoi. SU 30 ialah siri Sukhoi yang dibangunkan iaitu SU 22М3, SU 22М4, SU 24МК, SU 25К, SU 27SК, SU 27UBK, SU 30МК, SU 32, SU 33, SU 35 dan SU 37. Negara – Negara NATO pula menggelarkan pesawat ini “Flanker” (mungkin kerana sayapnya dilengkapi persenjataan yang menggerunkan). KnAAPO pula singkatan dari Komsomolsk-on-Amour Aviation Production Association. Kilang pengeluar sukhoi ialah Irkut Aircraft Production Association (IAPA, sekarang Irkut Corporation). Pembangunan system pula dilakukan oleh Sukhoi Design Bureau OJSC (sekarang JSC).

Idea pembelian sukhoi dicetuskan oleh Menteri Pertahanan, Najib Tun Razak semasa Pameran Perkhidmatan Pertahanan Asia (Defence Service Asia) pada 2002. Selanjutnya ketika lawatan rasmi Presiden Rusia, Vladmir Putin pada 2003 perjanjian dimeterai untuk pembelian 18 unit SU 30 dengan kontrak bernilai RM 3.4b atau AS $ 900j. Dengan transaksi ini, Rusia membenarkan timbal atau pertukaran dengan nilai 30% ataupun RM 1.06 b. Antaranya Dr Mahathir meminta Rusia memberi latihan kepada Program Angkasawan Negara. Pembelian ini bukanlah dengan transaksi wang seperti perniagaan biasa tetapi sistem barter iaitu Malaysia akan membayar nilai dengan barangan komoditi.

TUDM telah lama merancang mendapatkan sukhoi. Bahkan sukhoi bukan lahir pada awal 90 an tetapi Sukhoi T-10 wujud sejak awal 70 an lagi. Sebaik kerajaan bersetuju dengan pembelian sukhoi, TUDM terus membentuk TIM PROJEK SU 30 MKM. Tugas Tim ini ialah merancang pembangunan sukhoi berdasarkan spesifikasi TUDM (upgrade menjadi MKM). Dengan kata lain, Tim ini bertanggungjawab mengIslamkan sukhoi dengan membuang instrumen dari Israel diganti dengan instrumen buatan Negara EU, Afrika dan India. Tim ini ‘tinggal’ di Moscow dan Irkut – kilang pengeluar selama 4 tahun. Dengan semangat kerja berpasukan, Tim ini gagah menghadapi kerenah dan dugaan terutama bekerja dengan mereka yang lain budaya, bangsa dan pertuturan. Antara tugas Tim ini ialah
· mengesahkan penerimaan, membuat verifikasi instrumen avionik dari Perancis, Jerman, dan India.
· Memeriksa spesifikasi supaya mengikuti standard dan membuat uji kualiti.
SU 30 MKM di Irkut


Sukhoi – sukhoi di Asia
India ialah negara pertama menempah sukhoi dari Rusia. Rundingan pembelian SU 27 mula diadakan pada 94. Sukhoi Design Bereau mula merancang pembikinan sukhoi berdasarkan kehendak Ankatan Tentera India (IAF). Pada 30 November 1996 perjanjian antara Negara dimeterai untuk membangun dan menghantar 8 unit Su-30K two-seat fighters and 32 Su-30MKI multi-role two-seat fighters dengan penambahbaikan (upgrade) avionik, bekalan kuasa (powerplant), dan persenjataan.
Pada 2004, SU 30 MKI diletak dalam perkhidmatan 2 Skuadron Angkatan Tentera India. Dengan pembuatan SU 30 MKI,
· Sukhoi Design Bereau mencatat sejarah dengan membuat intergrasi berskala besar pada avionik. Sistem avionik yang ditukar dibuat oleh 14 firma asing dan menjadikan pesawat ini begitu berkuasa.
· Kerjasama pembangunan dan penyelidikan (R&D) dijalankan bersama. Kerajaan India menubuhkan Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) setelah melihat kepentingan R&D dan keuntungan jangka panjang perniagaan sukhoi. Salah satu hasilnya, membuat pembangunan untuk versi MKM.
· HAL juga diberi hak memasar dan membuat penjagaan selepas jualan (mantenance dan sale & service) untuk negara serantau.
HAL telah memainkan peranan dengan begitu baik sekali. Dengan manfaat R&D dan penyelengaraan yang dijalankan, HAL berpotensi besar menjadi pembekal instrumen avionik yang dominan seperti Israel. Pada tahun 2002, pendapatan HAL telah meningkat 20% kepada RM 400j.

China ialah negara kedua yang memiliki sukhoi di Asia. Design Bureau mula mengeluarkan SU 30 berdasarkan kehendak People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) pada 97. Design Bureau menyiapkan prorotaip pada 99. SU 30 MKK tidak banyak membuat perubahan pengilang sepertimana yang telah diminta oleh IAF. Perubahan yang diminta hanya pada bahagian nose. Pada tahun 99 juga SU 30 MKK 1 mula di pandu uji. Tidak lama kemudian, 10 unit pertama dihantar pada disember 2000. SU 30 MKK 2 dibuat tambahan persenjataan dan beberapa susunan avionik lain. Versi ini kemudiannya menyamai SU 30 MK Indonesia pada 2003.

Indonesia ialah negara ketiga menempah sukhoi dari Rusia. Lewat April 2003, Presiden Indonesia, Megawati menandatangani MoU dengan Kerajaan Rusia untuk membekal 4 unit sukhoi; 2 unit SU 27 SK dan 2 unit SU 30 MK (tidak dapat di sahkan versi SU 35 atau SU 30 KI). Spesifikasi khusus juga tidak diperolehi; keupauayaan keluarga sukhoi boleh di naik taraf (upgrade) dengan banyak. Dijangkakan Susilo Bambang Yudhiyono akan membuat lawatan ke Rusia dan membeli lagi pesawat ini dan kelengkapan lain yang agak besar.

Satu sumber yang saya perolehi, Vietnam juga negara yang memiliki sukhoi di Asia. Pada awal tahun 90an, Viatnamese People Air Force (VPAF) telah memiliki beberapa pesawat SU 27. Pada Mei 95, ia menerima 5 unit SU 27KSs dan sebuah SU 27UBKs. Pada Disember 2003, kontrak bernilai AS $ 100j dimeterai untuk 4 unit SU 30K2V2s. Pada November 2004 KnAAPO menghantar 4 pesawat tersebut ke Hanoi. Sekarang, VPAF dilengkapi 16 unit sukhoi (siri SU 27 dan SU 30) berpangkalan di Phang Rang dibawah command VPAF’s 370th Bahagian Udara. Masalah yang dihadapi ialah tiada sumber rasmi. Rujukan saya di sukhoi.org dan KnAAPO juga tidak menyebut perkara ini. jika maklumat ini tepat, maka Vietnam ialah negara kedua memiliki sukhoi. Dr Carlo Koop menyatakan fakta ini dalam analisis bertajuk Lockheed-Martin / Boeing F-22 Raptor; Assessing the F-22A Raptor tetapi tidak menghuraikan dalam artikel – artikel lain.

Imej SU 30K2V2 dalam Majalah Tempur Ogos 07

Flanker Termaju Di Dunia Ketika Ini
Benarkah sukhoi pesawat termaju didunia ketika ini? Teruskan membaca dan analisa disediakan dalam bab akan datang.

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Cair, cair & cair!!! (Melt, melt & melt!!!)

Cair, cair & cair!!! (Melt, melt & melt!!!)

Seperti mimpi ngeri yang ditunggu menjelma satu persatu. Ahad lalu Lehman Brothers dilaporkan sahamnya menjunam 40%. Hari ini dah bankrup. Merill Lynch pula dapat diselamatkan Bank Negara US. Apakah yang berlaku kepada keluarga bank yang lain? CitiBank, Standard Charterd dll? InsyaAllah kalau kelapangan akan saya kongsikan.

Collapse of Lehman and Merrill Lynch will not directly affect Malaysia
(NST 16 sept 08)

KUALA LUMPUR: Analysts said Malaysia was unlikely to be impacted in a big way by the collapse of two venerable Wall Street institutions, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch.
Both firms were victims of the sub-prime crisis in the United States. "I can't see it having a direct impact on Malaysia. Any impact is likely to be indirect," said Wong Ming Tek, head of research at HwangDBS Vickers Research. Banks here had in the last few months said they didn't have any major sub-prime exposure, and as such, Malaysia is likely to be spared the direct fallout from the collapse of the two financial institutions. News of their collapse will, however, affect investor sentiment. Yesterday, it sent stock markets in Europe and Asia reeling.
"This will inevitably affect our stock market valuations," said Clement Chew, head of equities broking at JP Morgan in Malaysia. On another front, there are also concerns about the extent the collapse will have on the American economy and consequentially, global growth. "A slower US economy will hurt growth forecasts in Asia and Europe," Chew said. Lehman, which yesterday filed for bankruptcy protection in the US, does not have a presence in Malaysia. Merrill, however, which agreed to be bought by Bank of America in an emergency US$50 billion (RM171 billion) sale, has a small research presence here. Both firms have offices in the Asia-Pacific region.

Bank pelaburan Amerika bankrap
Berita Harian 16 sept 08
Pengumuman Lehman Brothers bagi lindungi aset dan maksimumkan nilai LEHMAN Brothers, bank pelaburan terbesar Amerika Syarikat (AS), semalam mengumumkan kebankrapannya ketika Rizab Persekutuan dan bank utama global mengambil langkah mengukuhkan pasaran kewangan yang dilanda krisis gadai janji serta perumahan. Dalam satu kenyataan, Lehman Brothers berkata pengumuman bankrap itu 'bagi melindungi aset dan memaksimumkan nilainya'. Bank pelaburan itu berkata, pengumuman itu diberi kuasa oleh lembaga pengarahnya dan dijangka dikeluarkan di Mahkamah Kebankrapan AS, Daerah Selatan New York, lewat semalam.
"Pelanggan Lehman Brothers, termasuk pelanggan anak syarikat milik penuhnya, Neuberger Berman Holdings LLC, boleh meneruskan dagangan atau mengambil tindakan lain yang mempunyai kaitan dengan akaun mereka," kata kenyataan itu. Firma Wall Street yang bermasalah itu, kerugian kira-kira AS$3.9 bilion pada suku ketiga tahun kewangannya di tengah-tengah penurunan nilai terbaru aset gadai janji. Pengumuman bankrap itu hadir selepas usaha saat akhir untuk mencari pembeli bank pelaburan bermasalah itu, gagal.
Satu sumber bank Britain, Barclays berkata ia menarik diri daripada rundingan itu kerana bimbang terpaksa menjamin komitmen dagangan firma AS berusia 158 tahun itu. Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, Bank of America berkata ia sedang dalam proses membeli bank pelaburan Merril Lynch bernilai AS$50 bilion dalam satu urus niaga yang mewujudkan syarikat perkhidmatan kewangan terbesar dunia. Susulan pembelian itu, Bank of America akan memiliki pembrokeran terbesar di dunia dengan kira-kira 20,000 penasihat dan aset pelanggan bernilai AS$2.5 trilion. Rombakan terhadap Wall Street hadir ketika Rizab Persekutuan AS yang berhasrat mengurangkan kesan krisis gadai janji berkata bahawa ia sedang meringankan keperluan cagaran untuk firma terbabit kerana tindakannya 'untuk mengenal pasti pasaran yang berpotensi tidak menentu'. – AFP
Cagaran untuk pinjaman kecemasan khusus itu akan diperluaskan kepada semua sekuriti hutang gred pelaburan, kata bank pusat itu. Sebelum ini, hanya sekuriti perbendaharaan, sekuriti agensi, gadai janji disokong penarafan-AAA dan sekuriti disokong aset yang boleh dijamin. Setiausaha Perbendaharaan, Henry Paulson, berkata tindakan itu 'adalah kritikal untuk memudahkan kecairan, melicinkan fungsi pasaran dan menumpu perhatian terhadap sebarang kebimbangan dalam pasaran kredit'. Ketika masih tiada berita rasmi mengenai nasib Lehman, penganalisis menjangkakan pengumuman kebankrapan akan memberi kesan kepada banyak syarikat yang berurusniaga dengan gergasi Wall Street itu, dengan potensi untuk memburukkan lagi keadaan kredit global. Pesuruhjaya Sekuriti dan Kadar Pertukaran berkata ia sedang 'mengambil tindakan' untuk memastikan perlindungan kepada deposit pelanggan pembrokeran Lehman, yang dilindungi oleh peraturan SEC dan sebuah dana insurans. Dalam tindakan berkaitan, satu konsortium 10 syarikat pelaburan dan komersial global mengumumkan rancangan untuk menyediakan AS$70 bilion bagi membantu mengimbangi tekanan kredit. Bank of America, Barclays, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley dan UBS berkata, mereka memulakan satu siri tindakan untuk membantu meningkatkan kecairan dan mengurangkan ketidaktentuan pasaran hutang dan ekuiti global. - AFP

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Temuramah Tun Dr Mahathir dengan Aljazeera (2006)

Temuramah Tun Dr Mahathir dengan Aljazeera (2006)

Part 1

S: ---
J: awak tengok di Barat apa dah jadi. Mereka mendakwa Islam mengajar penganutnya menjadi pengganas. Ini tak benar. Juga tak benar dia kata ni ialah perbuatan penganut Islam fundamental (asas). Inilah perbezaan umat Islam yang dibezakan dari ajaran Islam. Di Malaysia awak tak boleh kata Malaysia moderate Islam (Islam sederhana). Kami bukan moderate. Kami hanya mengamalkan ajaran Islam yang asas.
S: boleh juga disebut moderate...
J: bukan. Bukan moderate. Cuma kami berbalik kepada ajaran Islam yang asal.
S: awak terangkan mengapa bukan moderate
J: jika awak kembali kepada ajaran Islam sebenar awak akan jadi bertimbang rasa, terpelajar, progresif itu yang diajar oleh Islam. Tapi orang ni dah membuat Islam dipandang extrimis. Mereka tak mengamalkan ajaran Islam sebenar & akan menampilka n salahfaham terhadap Islam.
S: berkaitan isu semasa Arab didakwa menjadi pengganas dengan menjadi pengebom berani mati
J: saya tak setuju kata mereka pengganas. Memang mereka Arab; & keadaan yang terdesak, mereka takde tank, jet fighter, & kelengkapan perang jadi apa yang boleh mereka buat? Mereka balut badan mereka dengan bom & letupkan diri mereka.
S: mereka akan dilabel pengganas kerana menjadi pengebom berani mati...
J: membunuh orang tak bersalah, kanak-kanak, mengebom negara lain inilah pengganas. Kerana orang yang menanti dibom dalam ketekutan menunggu apa yang akan jadi pada mereka. US ialah pengganas sebenar.

Part 2

S: bagaimana awak lihat perkembangan kuasa nuclear seluruh dunia?
J: kita dalam ketakutan.takut pada kuasa nuklear. Jika kuasa nuklear boleh mengancam kita dari menyerang kita mengapa kita tak berhak mengancam mereka dari menyerang kita. Siapa yg menyerang siapa sekarang ini? Adakah negara Islam merayau & menawan mana2 negara? Mereka hanya mempertahankan diri mereka
S: tetapi Iran nmpknya tertekan mengancam negara lain ...
J: Iran berhak mengancam pihak lain dari menyerang Iran. Iran telah diserang sebelum ini oleh Iraq dibawah percaturan US. Selama 8 tahun mereka kehilangan 1juta rakyat. Jika US kehilangan 1juta rakyat awak tahu apa akan dbuat? Dia akan bom seluruh dunia.
S: Presiden Ahmenijad dipetik berkata Israel akan menjadi sasaran jika ia terlibat menyerang Iran. Adakah apa2 salah faham?
J: ia boleh dijadikan sasaran jika Israel menyerang Iran. Kenapa tidak. Jika Iran diserang kenapa Israel tidak boleh dijadikan diserang oleh sesiapa? Siapa yang mengganasi siapa di Palestin? Bukan rakyat Palestin. Israel. Mereka melakukan pembunuhan beramai2. Penempatan mereka dibulldoze begitu sahaja. Siapa pengganas?
S: adakah awak berfikir ia (US) terdesak untuk berbuat demikian?
J: well, ia memang begitu. Tapi saya fikir dia telah melakukan kesilapan besar kerana mereka fikir mereka blh bertindak seperti seperti mereka buat pada Iraq. Dia dah cukup bagus untuk berfikir jika dia ada nuclear, dia boleh buat apa dia suka.
S: nampaknya awak cenderung mengkritik barat. Apakah awak tak takut kesannya?
J: I don't care.saya buat apa yg saya fikirkan betul, mereka nak nasihatkan saya mereka boleh nasihatkan. 1 perkara saya xbenarkan anggota saya membuat hubungan sulit dengan mereka, saya tak izinkan gambar saya ditampal ditempat awam, malangnya begitu cepat mereka lupakan saya.
S: adakah awak tak menyesal rakyat awak tak mendengar cakap awak?
J: No. Tak engapa. People are very fittle. Mereka suka menghentam apa saja. Awak boleh dipuji oleh seorang dan awak boleh dihentam oleh seorang yang lain. So what? Awak tak boleh kemana.

Part 3

S:ada yang menyatakan legasi awak bertukar dalam beberapa hal…
J: legasi saya, jika ada seorang boleh merosakkan Negara saya, saya ada hak untuk mengkritik
S: Rosak apa yang awak maksudkan?
J : itu... Banyak benda yang dilakukan boleh merosakkan negara. Nanti akan makan masa lagi 1jam dari apa yang kita ada hari ini.
S: salah satu kritikan ialah pemerintahan awak yang menyebabkan masalah perkauman sangat buruk. Adakah awak terima kritikan ini?
J: saya tak terima. Awak pergi tanya cina & India adakah mereka membenci saya kerana agama mereka ?
S : Anwar Ibrahim kata masalah perkauman timbul salah satunya disebabkan sekolah wawasan...
J: no. Ini perkara biasa kepada setiap negara supaya mempunyai sistem pendidikan kebangsaan. Tetapi malaysia sudah cukup baik membenarkan sekolah yang bukan melayu / islam. Awak lihat dinegara lain,mana nagara yg memberi bantuan kepada sekolah pendatang?
S: 1 lagi kritikan berkaitan ini ialah tindakan kerajaan yang tidak membantu perpaduan kaum
J: saya tak tahu sekarang tapi sepanjang masa saya, saya kritik kanan kiri dan tengah. Awak jangan baca binocular press. Mereka takda benda baik nak dilapor keatas saya semasa saya menjadi Perdana Menteri.
S: Anwar kata yang pendapatnya tak disiar sebagai kebebasan media & intelek...
J: ini demokrasi. Kami adalah majoriti & bila tiba pilihanraya rakyat masih memilih kami bermakna mereka menyokong tindakan kami. Melainkan awak kata minoriti mesti dapat kelebihan berbanding majoriti.
S: mengenai DEB pula, ia nampaknya melebarkan jurang antara kaum…
J: no. Ia bukan membezakan kaum, ia cuba menyamaratakan status semua bangsa.
S: maknya DEB adalah diskriminasi positif…
J: yes it did
S: Tapi tidak adil dalam pembahgian ekuiti...
J: no. Ada pihak yg berhak kerana mereka mempunyai sebab kukuh. Kita merasakan jika kita DEB situasi hari ini akan lebih teruk & akan berlaku pergaduhan antara kaum.
S: tapi...
J: take away apa yg kita capai dalam DEB, biarkan orang melayu begitu miskin awak akan lihat apa yg berlaku.
S: tapi...
J: take it away. Biarkan orang melayu begitu miskin sebagai petani & penanam padi, mereka akan lihat bandar bukan milik mereka & mereka akan hanguskan semua sekali. Mereka telah buat sebegini pada 1969.
S: sekarang awak kerap mengkritik kerajaan sedia ada rasuah, kepimpinan lemah, salah guna kuasa dan lain2…
J: yes of course
S: apakah awak tak buat semua itu semasa awak Perdana Menteri?
J: Buktikan saya terlibat dengan rasuah. Tapi sekarang cukup bukti kukuh keluarga Perdana Menteri sangat kaya. Anaknya sudah sangat kaya sehingga dia tak perlu apa2 bantuan, menantunya ada 'tangan' dalam pentadbiran walaupun dia tiada jawatan dalam kerajaan, kakak iparnya ada perniagaan yang dia tak pernah miliki sebelum ini, dan banyak kontrak dikeluarkan dengan cara tidak telus.
S: bukankah itu juga dilakukan awak semasa awak perdana menteri..?
J: you can charged me but prove it.!
S: mengapa awak lantang mengkritik pengganti awak sedangkan awak melantiknya by hand?
J: well, saya kecewa. Saya tak pernah fikir akan jadi macam ni. Kerana orang ini difikirkan sebagai Mr. Clean ... You know sepanjang masa saya, saya tak benarkan ahli keluarga saya terlibat dalam politik. Mereka mencadangkan (Mukhriz) bertanding dalam pilihanraya saya kata tidak!.tetapi sekarang saya lihat pengganti saya membiarkan ahli keluarganya terlibat dalam setiap aspek pentadbiran.
S: bagaimana pula tuduhan awak membuat pendakwaan politik keatas Anwar Ibrahim dan layanan buruk terhadap beliau.
J: saya buat apa yang saya perlu buat. Jika seseorang buat salah walaupun kedudukannya tinggi dalam kerajaan ia akan terima akibatnya. Dia dipertahankan 9 peguam, perbicaraan berjalan 9 bulan, seluruh datang melihat perbicaraan & dia dibicarakan dalam mahkamah terbuka.
S: pendakwaaan nampaknya tunggang terbalik sehingga orang tak percaya…
J: ya mereka takkan setuju dengan apa yang saya kata sehingga mereka kata saya bohong sama sekali. Saya tahu apa yang saya buat, buat jelas mengikut peraturan.
S: ok Tun. Saya harap Tun tak kecil hati dengan temubual saya
J: tiada sama sekali
S: ok 1 soalan akhir. Adakah awak fikir baki 2 tahun pentadbiran Bush akan bertambah baik?
J: well, lelaki ini dah mengejutkan semua orang bukan sahaja PBB. Sekarang sebagai Ketua Komanden dia kata dia boleh hantar 20,000 tentera samada Kongress setuju @ tak. Inilah jenis manusia yang dipilih melalui kerajaan demokratik;dia melakukan sesuatu samada demokrasi tak setuju & tak se;atutnya berlaku. 1 hari nanti awak boleh undi seorang lelaki gila yang akan tekan suis start & melancarkan perang nuklear

Tun Mahathir tqvm



  1. Part 1 & 2 menggambarkan sikap, pandangan & pemikiran Dr M dalam isu antarabangsa. Sikap ini bukan saja dilahirkan selepas beliau pencen, bahkan sejak memegang jawatan lagi beliau memang bersikap tegas terhadap ketidakadilan kuasa besar.
  2. Isu islamophobia. Dr M juga bersikap tegas terhadap pemimpin dunia yang menindas negara Islam. Mengenai Islamophobia, beliau menjelaskan salah faham melalui surat & perbincangan ketika persidangan antarabangsa. Antaranya surat beliau kepada Putera Charles, Bush & Blair. Terutama sekali ketika peristiwa 9/11, Bush & Blair menyalahkan umat Islam 'this was done by fundamental Muslim' (ini dilakukan oleh penganut Islam asas) Dr M menegaskan kepada mereka hal sebenarnya dan keadaan umat Islam yang tersepit di Palestin, Iraq, negara Afrika dll berpunca dari tangan mereka sendiri.
  3. Isu palestin, anti Halliburton & anti semitik. Dr M memang sekian lama bersimpati dengan nasib Palestin. Justeru beliau menyarankan kepada Bush, Blair, Chirac & pemimpin dunia supaya tentera PBB ditempatkan di Palestin dan pengunduran yahudi dari Tanah Palestin berperingkat seperti yang dipersetujui Yitzak Rabin & Yasser Arafat. Tetapi beliau bukanlah seorang anti semitik kerana anti semitik rasisme bertentangan dengan Islam. Beliau masih meneruskan hubungan tidak rasmi dengan yahudi dalam bidang sukan, ekonomi dll. Ucapan beliau ketika persidangan APEC (di Shanghai) &mempengerusikan persidangan OIC 2003 (di K Lumpur) 'today the jews rules this world by proxy' memberi harapan kepada dunia Islam Malaysialah yang akan memperjuangkan suara dunia Islam & negara ketiga.
  4. Part 2 berkisar tentang kritikan sepanjang pemerintahan beliau. Dr M diburukkan depan Arab, Cina, Singapore, Amerika, Israel dll
  5. Sek wawasan. Sekolah wawasan ialah keseinambungan Penyata Razak & konsesi kontrak sosial sebelum merdeka lagi. Sekolah wawasan menghendaki 1 sistem pendidikan menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan. Justeru bantuan kepada Sekolah Agama Rakyat, Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil @ Cina akan dihentikan berperingkat. Dr M hanya melaksanakan perjanjian pemimpin terdadulu, bukan bertindak mengikut kehendak nafsunya.
  6. DEB. Ramai yang sinis apabila isu DEB dibangkitkan semula. Ini kerana DEB dilabel sebagai saham, kuota yang diagih kepada aristokrat UMNO sahaja. Lebih dari itu DEB meliputi kuota penjawat awam, jawatan2 JUSA (Naib Canselor, Gabenor Bank Negara, ) agensi2 MARA, dll. Walaupun DEB telah disalahguna tak dinafikan 'diskriminasi' ini dah melahirkan ramai kumpulan moderate & professional Melayu.
  7. Hal anak2 Dr M. Ramai yang beranggapan anak2 Dr M mendapat kontrak kerajaan yang banyak & mereka imuniti dalam perniagaan mereka. Paling jelas pengambilalihan MISC (asalnya milik Mirzan) oleh Petronas ketika kegawatan ekonomi 97. Tapi ramai yang tak ambil perhatian dalam masa yang sama Mokhzani sasau kerana perniagaannya muflis, Mokhzan terpaksa menjual semua sahamnya dalam Tongkah Medivest (Tongkah Medivest pemegang saham major Pantai Holding) & lain2 masalah adik beradik mereka. Mengapa Dr M tak selamatkan semuanya sekali? Mukhriz tak dibenar terlibat dalam politik walaupun nak menjawat Penolong Bendahari Pemuda
  8. Hal keluarga Pak Lah. Perniagaan kakak ipar, Asiah Mahmood yang dimaksudkan ialah mengambil bahagian dalam Program Oil for Food. Asiah mengambil kupon atas syarikat Mastek manakala suaminya Tradeyear. Modal berbayar Tradeyear hanya RM 2 manakala rusniaganya mencecah 6 angka. Program Oil for Food menjadi skandal antarabangsa & disiasat pelbagai agensi dunia. Nama Abdullah Ahmad Badawi terpalit dalam skandal ini. Walaupun Wisma Putra berjanji menyiasat tetapi sehingga hari ini tiada laporan rasmi dibuat. Lain2 faham sendiri la kot

    pembaca boleh menilai sendiri samada isu yang berlegar disekeliling kita. Kebenaran ada dimana2.

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klip 1 di youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbzGyxRCTuY

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Rejuvanate UMNO

Rejuvanate United Malay National Organasation

Che Det da tak kuasa lagi nak jadi Presiden UMNO / PM. 'saya cukuplah 22 tahun. Patut dok rumah baca Quran. Tapi kalau PM lepas ni nak minta nasihat saya, saya sedia kerja siang malam'. Tun masih menggagahkan diri untuk menyelamatkan UMNO/BN & Malaysia amnya. Perkembangan terbaru Tun bakal masuk semula UMNO memberi nafas baru kepada rebellion UMNO yang menikus. Dalam menanti perkembangan selanjutnya saya gambarkan calon-calon jawatan dalam pertandingan akan datang:-
  • Presiden - Ku Li (ikhtiar la kuat lagi. Inilah sumbangan terakhir anda)
  • Timbalan - TS Muhyidin (Don't Muhyidin = jual tanah terlalu banyak pada Singapore, berangan nak ikut bos lama; Anwar Ibrahim, terlalu berlembut untuk rundingan FTA dgn US @ batalkan terus), Najib (kalau nak jadi PM cepat buat keputusan tinggalkan Paklah. Katakan saja Lah, UMNO da tak perlukan dr)
  • Naib - Dr Rais Yatim (mesti lebih berani & menonjolkan kepimpinan), DS Ali Rustam (kalau ada harapan) Dr Khir Toyo (lupakan niat nk jd K Pemuda. Berikan pd Mukhriz. Otak awak diperlukan dperingkat lebih tinggi), DS Hisyamudin (boleh dipertimbangkan. Kalau nak menang kena cari team kuat. Kalau nak tanggung risiko kalah masuk team KJ)
  • K Pemuda - D Mukhriz (usahalah sedaya upaya & tunjukkan bakat kepimpinan anda)
  • MT - Dr Puad Zarkashi (oleh kerana 1st time nak pegang jawatan tinggi mula dari bawah. PhD holder UKM ni boleh memberi manuever pd UMNO.